Spoon Sweets

GLUKA KOUTALIOU - SPOON SWEETS   Spoon sweets are sweet preserves, served , as a gesture of hospitality in Greece, by the teaspoon in a small porcelain or crystal glass dish or bowl, with coffee or tea and cold water. Most of the time they are homemade, but nowadays they can also be easily found in most supermarkets. Whole fruit ...

Greek Coffee

Greek coffee is typically sipped slowly in social settings with family and friends, either around the kitchen table or in cafes. Part of the health benefits beyond the drink itself may also be connected to the leisurely pace of Greek life, which could also reduce overall stress, another boon for cardiovascular health. In addition, Greeks adhere to a Mediterranean diet, rich in fish, olive oil and plenty of fruits and vegetables, which also contributes to a healthy heart.

Greek Beverages

Drinking alcoholic beverages has a symposium-like and festive quality abundant at celeberations in Greece, especially on name days, birthdays, holidays, weddings, gatherings, graduations and christenings. It’s part of everyday life and drinking in moderation proves healthy for the human organism, medical surveys show.
Alcoholism is not a social phenomenon in Greece and drunkness is not easily accepted in public, yet the light-headedness and spirits rising after some glasses of retsina or tsipouro are appreciated. Tourists are tempted to try the unique flavors of Greek alcoholic beverages which have their origins lost in the shrouds of the past but manage to survive to date through the locals’ preference.
There is no legal age in Greece and some suggest this is why most children learn to drink moderately. Clubs and retail stores sell alcoholic drinks to those overf 16 and lately driving laws and regulations have become stricter to avoid alcohol-related car accidents.