Christmas Bread Christopsomo which translates as “Christ’s bread”, is a Greek bread decorated with an early form of the Christian cross with ends that split and curl into circles. Sometimes dough shapes representing initials, birth dates, ages and aspects of the family’s life and profession are added. Christopomo is a rich, round loaf scented with wine soaked figs, anise and orange. It sometimes contains such ingredients as nuts, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and mastic, a dried pine resin. The bread is sometimes served with honey on Christmas Eve. Families leave pieces of bread on the table believing that Christ will come and eat them during the night. The preparation of Christopsomo is considered a sacred tradition in Greek Orthodox homes, and the care with which it is made is said to ensure the well-being of the home in the year to come. In earlier times, Greek cooks baked large quantities of bread to last for ten to fifteen days, so baking just one or two loaves of Christopsomo the night before Christmas had special significance. The cook would begin by crossing him/herself before starting baking.

Greek Cariocas

Carioca is made with love for the tradition, with delicious, real chocolate and nuts.
Once you unravel one a heady smell of chocolate captivates your nose and a glossy chocolate that covers it dares you to try it.
At the first bite, you try to understand what it contains and is so fragrant. In the second one you can enjoy the fresh whole nuts and the bittersweet chocolate, while the third you frantically are looking for the next one.
The ultimate chocolate treat !!