Paleo Ice Cream Sandwiches

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When the heat is on, there’s nothing better than enjoying a big scoop of ice cream. Here’s a cool summertime treat that Paleo eaters can enjoy featuring frozen, honey-sweetened coconut cream between two buttery, pecan-studded shortbread cookies. Be sure to watch the video—there’s a bit of flipping and turning for the filling to turn out just right—but the results are worth it!

Summer Cherry Delight

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A Summer time dessert that will make them beg for more! Check out just how easy this Summer Cherry Delight Recipe is!
Yummy Petit Beurre biscuits, homemade cherry syrup and delicious vanilla custard all topped with a delicious layer of Juicy cherries and refreshing cherry Jello!!

Greek Cariocas

Carioca is made with love for the tradition, with delicious, real chocolate and nuts.
Once you unravel one a heady smell of chocolate captivates your nose and a glossy chocolate that covers it dares you to try it.
At the first bite, you try to understand what it contains and is so fragrant. In the second one you can enjoy the fresh whole nuts and the bittersweet chocolate, while the third you frantically are looking for the next one.
The ultimate chocolate treat !!