Grilled Merenda Banana Sandwich






Heaven in a spread !
Merenda , Greek Hazelnut Spread compared to other spreads has a more ‘hazelnut’ taste and is superior when used with Fruit , Crepes , bread etc.

An AMAZING Grilled Merenda  Banana Sandwich made with Delicious Merenda , banana and yummy crusted bread! A delicious and incredibly satisfying snack or dessert.




*3 slices rustic wheat bread
*1-2 Tbsp coconut oil
*3-4 Tbsp Merenda, hazelnut spread
*1 ripe banana, sliced
*Sliced strawberries ( optional )




Heat a skillet over medium heat.

In the meantime, spread a generous amount of Merenda on both sides of the inner-facing slices.
Arrange sliced banana on one side and fold together. Spread Merenda on top , place banana slices and top with the third slice to make a sandwich.

Once the skillet is hot, press the sandwich down and grill until golden brown and crispy – about 2-4 minutes. Lower heat if browning too quickly. Flip and repeat on the other side. Repeat until desired crispiness is achieved.




Heaven in a spread !

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