Lahmacun is a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat (most commonly Beef or lamb, minced vegetables and herbs including onions, tomatoes and parsley, and spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin and cinnamon, then baked
Lahmacun is often served with ayran and wrapped around vegetables including pickles, tomatoes, peppers, onions


*3 cups whole wheat flour
*½ cup lukewarm water
*1 tsp dry yeast
*1 tsp sugar
*1 tsp salt
*¾ cup extra water
*½ cup extra whole wheat flour to use when Rolling it out.

*250g ground beef
*1 onion, finely chopped
*¼ cup parsley, finely chopped
*1 tbsp tomato paste
*1 tbsp pepper paste
*½ tsp chili powder
*1 tsp black pepper
*A pinch of cumin
*1 tsp salt
*¼ cup olive oil
*¼ cup water

*1 onion, sliced
*Fresh chopped parsley
*Fresk Lemon juice




Mix dry yeast with sugar and lukewarm water in a glass. Wait it about 10 minutes.

Sift whole wheat flour and make a well in the middle.
Sprinkle salt around the well.

Pour the yeast mixture into the well. Mix it with your hands.
Add ¾ extra water into it little by little. And continue mixing with your hand.

Knead it with hands for some minutes until you have a non-sticky, soft dough.

You can add little extra water or flour if needed. Give it a ball shape.

Cover it with a piece of clean cloth and wait for 40 minutes so that it has a double size.

Meanwhile you can prepare the filling. Mix all ingredients until combined well.

Dust the counter with a little flour.
Make a log from the dough and cut it into equal 14 pieces. Roll them out very thinly.

Preheat oven at 200C.

Place baking paper on your oven tray. Place the thinly rolled out dough on it.

Put a generous amount of filling on it, spread it everywhere with a spoon or with your hand.

Bake for 8 minutes. When ready, top with onion, parsley, lemon juice and serve.



Photo via Hurriyet


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