Bakaliaros Skordalia

A custom across the country on this day ( March 25th ) is to eat crispy, fried Cod fish with garlic sauce (Bakaliaros skordalia) ! This has to do with the Lent before Easter, where no animals or animal products should be eaten. However the Orthodox Church allowed an exception for the celebration of the Annunciation and that it the Cod fish!

Why fried? Because that’s almost the only tasty way to eat the salted cod – the thought was that not all the region have availability to fresh fish.

Why garlic sauce? Because only garlic sauce matches with the fried Cod fish and as we know fried foods raise the pressure and garlic lowers the pressure.


A traditional, creamy, smooth and absolutely delicious Taramasalata recipe. This traditional Greek dip is made from fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice, grated onions and bread. Usually served as a meze with a lot of pita or lagana bread.
In Greece taramosalata is more frquently consumed during periods of fasting, especially On Clean Monday which is the first day of Lent in Eastern, Orthodox and Catholic churches.