The Best Holiday Greek Desserts

Christmas is around the corner. It is the season filled with love and glory. It is definitely the best time of the year to give thanks for each of the blessings you have received for the entirety of the year.

Start the holiday season off right by baking these Traditional Greek dessert recipes!

Tsoureki / Greek Easter Bread With Chocolate Tahini

In Greece , the TSOUREKI represent three major holidays , Easter, Christmas and New Years.
There are many local varieties of these festive breads, based on milk, flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, butter, and a flavoring which can be mahleb and mastic from Chios island.

The butter is added after kneading: the dough is stretched, brushed with melted butter, folded and stretched again repeatedly, until all the butter is incorporated.

The result of this technique is that the baked bread separates easily into strands.
A good tsoureki should be soft, moist and fluffy, yet stringy and chewy.

This Chocolate Tahini Tsoureki smells amazing and tastes like heaven!!!