10 Best Greek Soups

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Hearty, delicious and extra comforting these Greek soup recipes are with no doubt the perfect dish for a cold winter’s day. Enjoy ! Greek Revithia Soup Chicken Vegetable Avgolemono Soup Giouvarlakia Soup Trahanosoupa Kotosoupa Magiritsa -Greek Easter Soup Fakes Greek Lentil Soup Fasolada Beef Stew With Avgolemono Pumpkin Carrot Soup

Toursi / Greek Pickled Vegetables

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Pickle. There are two ways to prepare it, either in water with salt (brine) or in vinegar. The vegetables are washed and cut into pieces so that they fit easily in a jar. Pickled in brine In warm water, pour coarse salt and stir until it dissolves. Then we place the vegetable pieces in a glass container, ...


Looking for a meal that's both easy and healthy? Try this feta pasta recipe and you’ll be amazed!! Easy , quick and super tasty! Ingredients: *2 cups cherry tomatoes *3 Tbsp Greek Olive oil, divided *1 clove garlic, minced *pinch of fresh oregano *fresh ground pepper *1 (8-oz.) block feta cheese *12 oz. uncooked pasta of choice *Fresh basil, for serving Directions: Preheat the ...