Greek Frappe with Ice Cream





Frappé coffee is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (generally, spray-dried Nescafe), water and sugar. Frappe is one of the most popular drinks in Greece and Cyprus, and is available at virtually all Greek cafés. The word frappé is French and comes from the verb frapper which means to ‘strike’; in this context, however, in French, when describing a drink, the word frappé means chilled, as with ice cubes in a shaker. The frappé has become a hallmark of post-war outdoor Greek coffee culture.

During warm and sunny days and especially in spring and summer, Greeks prefer to drink the cold Frappe instead of the warm Greek coffee.

One scoop of vanilla ice cream into your frappe will amaze you !!
Place 2 tsps of Greek Nescafé , 1.½ tsp of sugar, and 2 tbsp of cold water in a shaker*

Cover and shake to produce a thick, light-brown foam.
Place a few ice cubes in a tall glass.

Slowly pour the coffee foam into the glass.

Fill the glass with water , add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and top with whipped cream.

Serve the frappe immediately with a thin, flexible straw and Enjoy!!!!!



* Or you can use an Frappe electric mixer

















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