Manti. Turkish Ravioli






These little dumplings are made of seasoned ground beef or ground lamb wrapped in a homemade egg pasta. They’re topped with a garlic-yogurt sauce and garnished with chile oil. Afiyet olsun





*1 pack Turkish Manti

For the Yogurt Sauce:
*3 cups plain yogurt
*3 cloves garlic, crushed
*Salt and Pepper to taste

For the oil topping:
*4 tsp Butter
*2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
*1 tbsp tomato paste
*1 tsp paprika
*1-2 tbsp water
Add water to a pot and place Manti to the boiling water.  You need to stir them occasionally so they don’t stick or like cooking pasta you can add in a little olive oil.  Cook for a about 10 – 15 minutes until the Manti is soft.

While waiting for the Manti to cook you can prepare your yogurt and oil topping.

Mix yogurt and garlic together and set aside.

In a small pan add the butter, tomato paste, red pepper flakes and paprika, and mix together, then slowly add in some of the water to form a sauce.  Cook in medium heat for a couple of minutes.
Drain the Manti and place in a serving bowl.  Pour yogurt sauce over manti and then drizzle with some oil topping and serve while warm.








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