Looking for a meal that's both easy and healthy? Try this feta pasta recipe and you’ll be amazed!! Easy , quick and super tasty! Ingredients: *2 cups cherry tomatoes *3 Tbsp Greek Olive oil, divided *1 clove garlic, minced *pinch of fresh oregano *fresh ground pepper *1 (8-oz.) block feta cheese *12 oz. uncooked pasta of choice *Fresh basil, for serving Directions: Preheat the ...

Feta Cheese

Feta is a Greek cheese traditionally made with sheep’s or goat’s milk.
Many of the commercial variations available in the U.S. are made with cow’s milk, which produces a firmer cheese. The white cheese is cured and stored in a liquid known as whey brine.
Feta has a soft, crumbly texture and a salty, tangy flavor.
It is lower in calories than many other types of cheese and can be a healthy addition to any diet, when used in moderation.