Country Style Feta & Pasta Fillo Pie

Pasta encased in buttery, flaky layers of fillo pastry – what could be better? At its simplest, this pie’s filling is made only with pasta and fetta, but we’ve added some other Greek flavours to ours. Make sure you drain the cooked pasta thoroughly – penne tends to hold a lot of liquid inside, so give it a good shake or risk a soggy pie. Serve the pie with a crisp chopped salad for a burst of freshness – cucumber, mint, cos and fennel would work well.

5 Delicious Vegetarian Spaghetti Recipes You Have To Try

5 DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN SPAGHETTI RECIPES YOU HAVE TO TRY Written by: Isadora Guidoni from     Vegetarian spaghetti is the perfect combination of healthy and delicious comfort food. Who doesn’t love it? It goes great for any occasion: side dish, main dish, lunch, dinner, when having guests over, etc. These recipes, besides being easy to prepare and insanely delicious, ...