Midopilafo. Greek Mussel Risotto






Midopilafo. A delicious, healthy and aromatic Greek Mediterranean dish with olive oil and lemon zest!






*1 cup Arborio rice

*½ cup olive oil

*1 cup white wine

*500 gr. Mussels, scrubbed and de bearded

*½ tsp Salt

*1 Onion, chopped

*1 clove(s) Garlic, minced

*2 tbsp Fresh parsley, chopped

*Pinch of Pepper

*½ cup water, warm







In a large saucepan add 2 tbsp olive oil, onion, garlic and sauté until golden.
Add the mussels and stir well to coat with olive oil. After 5 minutes remove from heat.
In a pot add the remaining olive oil and rice, and sauté for 3 minutes. Add the wine and simmer until the liquid be absorbed.
Add the water and stir to prevent sticking. After 20 minutes the rice should be ready.
Add the mussels and parsley. Season with pepper, drizzle with some fresh lemon juice and zest and serve.










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